Friday, December 28, 2012

Interview with author Melissa Lummis

I got to interview author Melissa Lummis! She is probably one of the nicest people on the planet, and I'm blessed that I get to call her friend. Hope you enjoy our interview.

1. What made you start writing?
I've been writing one thing or another for as long as I can remember. In 1st grade I wrote a paper about turning 6 years old. I was so excited when I wrote about not being 5 any more and how perfect .it was to be 6. When I got it  back from my teacher, she had written "you're going to be a writer one day." I gave my mom a funny look and said, "what does she mean? I'm all ready a writer."

2. What's next on your tbr pile?
Believe it or not, a book called Permission Marketing that I read about in a presentation by Ian Rogers. He's the founder of the website Topspin.  He is starting a marketing revolution for independent artists and it makes so much sense.  He mentioned this book and I immediately downloaded it. Of course, I have to finish reading Coveted by Stephanie Nelson first.

3. Salty or sweet?
Salty.  I love potato chips and cheese and pickles.  I will skip chocolate chip cookies for some chips and salsa every time.

4.  if you had to listen to one song forever, what would it be?
Tough one.  I'm having a hard time deciding between Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie and Breakin' a Sweat by Skrillex.  Do I have to choose?

5. Which of your characters was the easiest for you to write?
Fiamette. She has attitude and her personality just burst into my mind like a fireworks display.  The hardest thing about writing her was keeping her from dominating whatever scene she was in.

6. What is next for you?
First, I'm taking time off from writing and rethinking my approach to promoting.  I want to reach out to my readers in a more personal way and make real connections.  How do you do that and still have time for your family?  Second, I'm writing the rest of the Love and Light story.  Samskaras is almost done and Samadhi is worked out, too.  I'm so excited about this trilogy and I'm hoping to have it completed and publishes by Christmas of 2013.

Oooohey, am I excited to read the rest of the series! i loved book 1, and I'm sure I'll be pestering her until she finishes them.

Loti Dupree fears that when her husband died, she lost her soul. Harboring a painful secret, she flees her life in a small Appalachian town for the ashram, the spiritual retreat where she trained to be a yogini. But she is running from more than grief. An ominous nightmare the night before she leaves sets her on a dangerous path of self-discovery that challenges everything she believes – and threatens her life.While dodging psychic attacks from an unknown assailant, she struggles with her growing attraction to a broody, handsome and completely frustrating vampire. Loti races to understand who and what she is before her anonymous enemy catches up with her.Loti thought she couldn’t survive her husband’s death, but among healers, witches, and vampires, she discovers not only a future, but a family.

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