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The Storms That Fated Us Tour Review

As Tia Deltoro’s 23rd birthday approaches, she looks forward to meeting up with her old high school friends and hitting the ski slopes. What was supposed to be a relaxing weekend getaway--staying in a beautiful cottage overlooking the mountains--turns out to be a hellish nightmare when Tia unmistakably recognizes the person delivering their firewood.
It has been five years since Tia graduated from New Holston High, yet she remains emotionally shackled to her past, or more specifically ex-best friend Carson Rodriguez, the man holding the bundle of firewood. When he accuses Tia for setting up their chance meeting she fires back running him off. Unfortunately for these two former best friends, Mother Nature decides to show them an intervention they’ll never forget! The drastic shift in weather conditions causes Carson to return and wait out the horrific weather conditions in the confinements of the cottage with Tia.
While the storm rages outside, the two distance themselves to opposite sides of the living room for their own protection. Tia keeps herself distracted by looking at the old high school yearbooks that were packed in preparation for planning the upcoming reunion. Through a series of flashbacks, the memories come flooding back. She can't help but wonder how things could have gone differently if her ex-boyfriend Evan didn’t always lure her back into his corrupting grasp or Carson’s on-again-off-again girlfriend Erin hadn't been so conniving.
In the end all of the jealousy, secrets, and lies ultimately severed the ties that held their four year friendship together.
With the strong winds from this blizzard of mass destruction leveling their only means of shelter one window and roof tile at a time, only one question remains--will Tia and Carson be able to put aside their anger towards each other long enough to survive another storm?

Ashley's Review:
This was not your average love story. This one had me ready to kill Carson and occasionally  slap Tia. If you are looking for a book that is all about love at first sight and all mushy this is not the story for you. However if you are looking for something totally different than what you have read before then you have found your book.

What happens when your parents split up and you have to move to a new town and start a new school. For Tia she is scared and worried that she will not make any new friends. When she starts her new school she meets Carson and instantly there is a bond like no other between them. All of Carson's friends are shocked at how happy Tia makes him. Their friendship is so strong that no one can break it. No one except Erin, Carson's on again off again girlfriend. All Tia wanted was to be first in Carson's life but every time Erin and Carson would get back together Tia was last. Carson always took up for Erin even though Tia was right most of the time. At one point during the breakup Carson and Tia kiss and sparks fly. They both know that they are in love with each other and were made for each other but there is always Erin who stands in Tia's way of having the love of her life.

One day at school Tia hears a big secret about Carson that could destroy his soccer career. Tia promises to keep quiet but when she over hears the coaches talking she knows she must warn Carson  before it is to late. With them fighting all the time because of Erin she knows the only way to tell Carson is through Erin. What a mistake that was. Erin used it against her and that is when the two best friends parted ways.

Fast forward a few years down the road to Mia's birthday weekend. Her and her best friend Mira are going to go skiing in the mountains with Mira's boyfriend and high school sweetheart Cruz. When they are out of booze Mira and Cruz decide to go down the mountain to get some more but that turns out to be a huge mistake. They are stranded in a small town because of a huge wintry storm that is coming. In the mean time Cruz set up a birthday surprise for Tia that she is not going to like. When a delivery guy with firewood shows up at the door and Tia sees who it is she is shocked and angered that Cruz would do such a thing. With the roads closed and nowhere to go Tia must live out the wintry storm with none other than Carson. Her ex best friend that she still loves and hates so much. How will Tia survive? What has the storms fated for them? Will they make a mends and not kill each other?

You much read this book. It is full of so much emotions. I recommend to everyone who is looking for something different to read. No rich CEO in this book so if that is what you want you have come to the wrong place. This is definitely a 5 star read for me and I really hope the author will continue the story of Tia and Carson.
JP Summers is a Native Texan who resides on a 140 acre farm in northern Wisconsin with her husband and their children. She is a self-published author that loves chocolate and crushing over fictional men that are so unbelievably smoldering, you swear the pages could actually go up in flames while reading the book. This past year she became an advocate for migraines and headache disorders after being diagnosed with Chronic Migraines. Despite how disabling her condition can be at times, she has several books lined up to be published in 2014. She also has plans to speak at migraine conferences and advocate on Capitol Hill with others who are just as passionate about raising migraine/headache disorder awareness.
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